Safe & Comfortable

Safe and Comfortable

The SmuushFace baby carrier is lightweight and keeps your baby safe and comfortable for less fussiness .Relieves back strain associated with normal baby carriers to help you feel your best

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!

With 15 different ways to adjust

your Smuush Face baby carrier

your little one will definitely

be comfy and happy. 

Safety First

We take safety very seriously here. Our SmuuchFace baby carrier will never cause harm to your baby. We double test to make sure the baby carrier is 100% safe for everyday use. Because the carrier is capable of being worn 15 different ways we are confident that you will find a carrying position that is perfect for your baby AND you!

Your days of baby carrier pain are over! 0-48 months baby carrier, safe and comfortable!

Storage? No Problem

Don't worry about storage.The SmuushFace baby carrier has a large pocket for your phone, diapers, snacks, makeup and more

We're Here To Help

Hey supermom! Welcome to SmuushFace. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for
stopping by! When we started SmuushFace, we had one main goal in mind;
make parenting easier. We hope you and your child enjoy wherever Smuush Face
takes you! Feel free to reach out if you have questions through the
customer care tab :)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed